Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A time to stockpile, a time to wait...

This week is a time to wait. There's NOTHING in this week's ads that makes my heart go pitter-pat. There are kinda good prices on a lot of items, but for any of you who've been stockpiling with me here, and earlier at CouponSense, you already know that the chicken has been cheaper and you've had the butcher grind london broil into ground beef for you for way less. If you coupon, you know that you've gotten the condiments and cereal for free and even if you don't coupon and will spend real cash money for things like fruit loops that the store brand at Albertson's will be on sale for a buck a box soon enough.

So I say now's a good week to eat out of your freezer. Round out the dinner plate with fresh produce from Sprouts or Sunflower and a pineapple-upside down cake made with the $1 pineapples on sale at Basha's this week and the yellow cake mix you stockpiled a few week's back when I was on the sausage and cake mix kick. Put the $50 towards a freezer. Or in a savings bond. Or as an extra payment towards a credit card instead.

To keep me occupied until next week, tomorrow or the next night, I'll post up something about eating cheap while on vacation. I'm on a road trip with the kids and have mostly eschewed eating out in favor of buying souveniors and I have a few tips to share.

P.S. Be sure to binge on the big bag of Bing cherries at Sunflower Market this week. They're 99c/lb at the 3rd St and Bell Ave. store.

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