Friday, July 17, 2009

Canned Tuna and Pitting Cherries

I don't know where my head was when I was looking at the ads and the CouponSense database the other day, but I forgot to mention canned tuna:

At Fresh and Easy - 5 oz cans, packed in water for 50c each.

This is about as low as tuna goes and it's so versatile that every pantry should have about 20 cans on hand. School starts in a month, time to start stockpiling supplies for brown bag lunches (preferably sent to school in reusable containers). Depending on what you add to your tuna salad, you can get 2 to 4 sandwiches out of a single can.

I add relish, celery and fat-free mayo to my tuna salad, BTW. I pick up the mayo and relish for free with my coupons. I've a ton of it in my pantry.

That brings me to another topic - Fry's Mega 10 deal. Even without coupons a lot of the prices offered are good deals, but did you know that if you use coupons many of the items are free, or close to free? Here's my commercial:

CouponSense is a database for matching up the coupons you get online and also in the Sunday paper with the sales being offered by the local grocery stores week to week. I've tried several of the local and national systems including several freebies and another to pay for (which cost waaaayyyy more than CouponSense for far less service and close to unintelligible listings) and I can honestly say that CouponSense, at $4/first month and $15 (including tax) for subsequent months is the easiest and most comprehensive system to use. It's all there, the filing system (as in it takes NO TIME to do that), the database, personal instructors to explain to you how to do it and use it most efficiently, an accurate database and a message forum that will give further tips for making best use of the deals, as well as informing of other local deals. That message forum is an unbelievable source. People will even list what they find in clearance bins at what locations, clothing sales, local freebies, vacation planning, hotel deals, stockpiling ideas, recipes, etc.

Disclosure: I'm an instructor. If you want to give CouponSense a try, tell them Mindy Likes to Coupon of this blog sent you and they will assign you to me.

Soooo...what all this means is this - though Kraft dressings are only 99c/each with the Fry's Mega 10 deal, with coupons, the dressing is free as are Glaceau Smartwaters and Sunny D Smoothies. Electrasol dishwasher soap is free at Target with coupons. McCormick Marinades are free at Basha's with coupons.

Don't want any of that stuff? How about mustard, catsup, Red Hot sauce, the above mentioned mayo and relish? Lawry marinades? A-1 sauce? Do you wash your hair? How does free shampoo sound? Do you like to keep boxed side dishes around for dinner for the days you're really rushed? Yep. Free.

Cookie mix?
Granola bars?
Body wash?
Tooth brushes?

Free. Free. Free. Free. Free. Free. Free. Free. And Free.

Maybe not this week, maybe not all at the same time, but has been free in the last year and some are free repeatedly.

[/end of commercial]


I went googling and look what I found!

A Cherry Pitter!!!!

At $6.99 this is a deal. I liked it over others because there's an actually rounded cup the cherry sits in and I feel like that will keep the cherry from squishing up. I'm ordering this and will pay for it with my free Amazon gift certificates from Swagbucks. Swagbucks is where I do all my googling and believe me, I google a lot. Check it out.

Enough of that. There's a carton of blueberries and a seagull calling my name.

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