Friday, July 24, 2009

Eating cheap while on a roadtrip

Toured a candy factory and a distillery today. On my way to Branson tomorrow for a few days. Have decided that even if you throw away half the food you buy, the cheapest way to eat on vacation is out of grocery stores. Go ahead and buy the fancy deli trays even though you could do it cheaper with packaged lunch meats. Don't compare it to making the food at home, compare it to eating out at a restaurant, or even comparing the quality to the dollar menu at fast food places. Grocery stores are way ahead of both in both price and quality.

We've been eating tons of fruit, grape tomatoes, orange juice, some soft drinks, milk, and deli stuff like cheese and meat trays, baked chicken, meatloaf, potato salad etc. I don't keep leftovers of the deli stuff, even if I have a fridge and a microwave. I just toss the leftover chicken or whatever and buy fresh the next day.

Special bonus - no waiting around for wait staff and no worries about leaving tips. All the hotels we've stayed at have offered some kind of free breakfast with the room, from continental to full breakfasts. If I'm staying several days, I book places with kitchens so I can cook. I'm been trucking around a box of salt, some pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning and cinnamon (for my coffee). That takes care of most of our seasoning needs.

Personally, I prefer grocery store food, or cooking my own. I like knowing what's in my food.

Stockpile post is next.

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