Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kinda, sorta a stockpile post.

Sprouts has fresh pineapples for 97c each. Buy a lot of them, prep them, then freeze them.

Know what I like about pineapples? The juice is as good as the flesh and it tastes so soooo good with pork. Pork chops are 97c/lb at Albertsons this week.

I feel a recipe coming on. Here's one. I love Google.

Peaches are 49c/lb at Sunflower Markets. They are 39c/lb at the 3rd St. and Bell Ave. location. You know what that means, don't you? SMOOTHIES!!!

Here's how to make a peach smoothie:

1) Buy unbelievably cheap milk ($1.37/gallon at Fry's, 99c/gallon with a $50 purchase).

2) Put a cup of the unbelievably cheap milk into the blender.

3) Cut peach away from pit and, don't peel it first, lots of fiber and vitamins in the peel.

4) Put peach slices in blender.

5) Add a little honey, or sweetener of your choice.

6) Sprinkle in a little powdered cloves and a little powder cinnamon.

7) Pulse, pulse, pulse, blend, blend, blend.

8) drink.

Some people add ice to their smoothies. I don't because I'm too lazy to get the ice out of the trays and I think the ice makes it kind of watered down.

Buy 10 or 20 pounds of peaches for $8 to $10 total. The ones you don't put in smoothies this week can be frozen once they ripen (that's when they indent with finger pressure). Instructions on how to freeze them can be found here. You could cook them down a little as I suggested a few blog posts ago. And there's always freezer jam.

And muffins.

And pie. (Be kind to yourself, skip the homemade dough. Use store bought frozen. Layer in peaches, cloves, cinnamon, honey, dot with butter, bake according to pie crust instructions. Add almonds - $3.49/lb at Sunflower bulk bin - if you like)

And blintzes. (Make a thin pancake batter for the crepe part. Cook the peaches down some with brown sugar and spice ahead of time, then put some in the crepe, roll it up and serve with sour cream - $1.39/16 oz at Bashas - and good maple syrup.)

Don't miss the bulk bin raisins at Sunflower for 99c/lb. They never go on sale that cheap. Now is the time to get them. Keep them in an air tight container. If they get dried out, you can rehydrate them by heating them in water on the stovetop, so go ahead and buy LOTS of them.

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