Sunday, May 17, 2009

You mean there are rules???

Of course. There are ALWAYS rules. And I'll put them up as I think of them. For now, here are some rules:

Rule No. 1) This is a subjective list. That means it's based on my likes and dislikes and what I think is a good deal. If I don't include something on the list that seems to be a good deal, I'll explain why I didn't include it. That leads to

Rule No. 2) If you know of a deal that I don't know of, please please PLEASE tell me. Preferably before I hit the grocery store.

Rule No. 3) Some rules are meant to be broken. You'll see what rules those are as we go along.

Rule No. 4) The $50 for the stockpile is money you'd spend aside from your normal grocery spending. The idea is that eventually, you won't be spending all that much on the 'normal' groceries because you'll already have most of what you need in your refrigerator and your freezer and in your pantry.


  1. I am new to your site so if you have covered this I apologize and coodos, great blog. My kids love the Costo muffins but they have always been expensive and just went up in price. Althought they mix and match now it is hardly a bargain. 6.49 for 12. I found this recipe and my kids love it better, I love having them on hard for a crazy school morning breakfast. (maybe save this for a "back to school issue) here is the link to the basic recipe.

    also Costco although I only shop for paticular items I picked up a very high quality backpack for 15.99 it's quality exceeded thier 32.00 ones last year.

  2. Oh wow, Kimmie! That's a great looking recipe! I'll mention it when I do another 'cheap mixes' or 'things to do with cake mix' posts.

    I picked up backpacks at Staples last year, I think. They were running their summer back to school sales and we did well. Hopefully, they'll do it again, although the backpacks held up and one of them can be used for another year, I think.