Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rising to the Challenge

No blog about feeding healthy, frugal food to the family can go very long before the topic of baking bread arises. Yes, it's frugal. But the best reason for learning to deal with the mysteries of gluten and yeast is that the results tastes sooooo good.

Flour, yeast, water, knead, plus time and heat yields bread. Watch this video. These two have figured out a way to remove the kneading component.

I made my dough with half whole-wheat, half white. Also, I added wheat gluten because it gives bread good loft. Vital wheat gluten is available from or from Honeyville through Amazon. I set the loaf up in the morning and let it rise all day, baking it right before dinner. Cold dough doesn't rise and I don't understand the bit in the video about letting the loaf rest for 20 minutes then baking. The loaf must be awfully dense after that.

This has been working very nicely and my family is scarfing up the bread. Give it a go. Tell me how it works out.

Next week, I'll discuss the wonderful world of homemade muffin mix, so easy and good, you're sure to exile Betty Crocker to an assisted living facility.


  1. I want the recipe for those sweet buns they made! Great post Mindy! Would that be the same muffin mix you sent me?

  2. Yes, it would. I used up the last of mine and made a corn bread mix to replace it. I'l post that one also.

    I want that sweet roll recipe, also. I'll bet I can figure it out without the book.

  3. Worst case scenario check out the book at the library. :) Off to find out my link goes back to blogger vs my domain.