Sunday, May 17, 2009

What we had for dinner tonight - Sunday

The grocery store ads change again on Wednesday. I'll post my first stockpile post then. Until then, I thought I'd entertain you with tales of what I make for dinner. Tonight was ground beef browned with onions and sprinkled liberally with garlic powder. Into the ground beef I mixed a package of Mrs. Cubbison's stuffing that I had lying around in the pantry. I added some water to the mix for the stuffing to soak up because the ground beef was very lean. So here's where I got the ingredients:

1) The onions were 25c/lb at Food City last week. (Sorry, ad ends today, but Food City often has onions at a really good price. Typically, you can find them somewhere for 3 lbs/$1.

2) The ground beef is still available at Basha's. It's disguised as London Broil and is selling in the Family Pack for $1.77/lb. You're limited to two packs, so buy two. Have the butcher (that's the guy in the white coat behind the meat counter) grind one of the packs into ground beef. As I said, you're limited to two packs, but if you want to drive around the block and go back to the store and pick up another two packs, I won't tell on you. London Broil is very lean, so your hamburger will be very lean and lean is good, right?


3) The garlic powder was purchased someplace for about a buck. You know those spices I'm talking about. Everybody sells them - Italian Seasoning, Seasoned Salt, Poultry Seasoning, Onion Powder blah blah blah. Don't be proud. Buy 'em. Use 'em.

4) The Mrs. Cubbison's stuffing was also purchased at Basha's a while back. It was 77c for that big box with two envelopes in it.

You must be thinking it's pretty lame that not only can I remember where I bought the stuffing and approximately how long ago, but also exactly how much I paid for it.

I agree. It's lame. Beyond lame. Which means I'll probably do it again.

How long did it take me to make this meal?

How long does it take to brown ground beef? (answer for those who don't know - about 15 minutes). Just cover with a lid when it's pretty close to done and turn off the heat to let all the goodness permeate.

And for veggies? Some Green Giant Steamfresh (or maybe they're called Steamers?) that I picked up free a while back and tossed into the freezer. How did I get them for free? The veggies were on sale for $1.00 and I had a coupon for 50c that doubled. How did I know to put the coupon and the sale together? Well that's where CouponSense comes in. You know that thing I'm an instructor at? If you go and you decide to join, mention that Mindy Likes to Coupon and that I sent ya. They'll match us up.


  1. I went to Basha's last night to buy London Broil at 1.77 a pound (per your tip). I never asked the butcher to grind meat before so I wasn't sure about that. The butcher told me the machine was broken (maybe they were cleaning it? It was 8PM?) Anyhow, I had three packs of London Broil in my cart. He offered to reduce the 90% ground meat saying it was "mostly London Broil" to the 1.77 pound price and relabel it for me. That took about one minute and now I have 9 pounds of 90% lean burger at a rock bottom price.

    I mixed my burger with herbs de provence, egg, garlic powder, a bit of kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. It's in the freezer now but I will let you know how it goes.

    I'll use the meat to make burgers this weekend and a shepherd's pie.

    I love your blog. It's fun!

  2. Thanks, Kerry! It was nice of the butcher to reduce the 90% lean, but I'll bet anything the London Broil ground beef would be leaner. They might have been cleaning the machine. I guess if you go back and ask for it again and they tell you it's broken...I dunno, could everybody be asking for ground London Broil now, so nobody is buying the ground beef?

    Your burgers sound like they're going to taste great.