Sunday, May 17, 2009

What this blog is about

You want to eat. Your family wants to eat. And you'd really like it if the food on the menu wasn't chock full of chemicals and provided enough nutrition to keep everybody's toes from falling off.

The $50 stockpile is here to help. Every week, I'll comb the ads and tell you what *I'd* buy if I had an extra 50 bucks to spend every week. In general, the food will be basic, nutritious, store well, and not anywhere near as hard to prepare as convenience food commercials have led you to believe. What's best? After doing the $50 stockpile for a month or so, you'll find your Old Mother Hubbard days are gone, you'll have money left when the food budget month is over and your kids will say things like, 'You mean it's legal to cook a chicken yourself?'

This blog is best used by residents of Arizona, particularly the Phoenix area, but the principles and recipes can be applied by anybody.

And...we're off.

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