Sunday, March 28, 2010

3-Day ads, just in time for Easter

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 coupon inserts today

SmartSourceEyemasters: (3/28)

SmartSourceSouper!Salad!: (3/28)

RedplumJC Penney Optical: (3/28)

Other Coupons You Shouldn't Miss:

Kmart: FREE $10 gift card with NEW Rx.

Kmart: FREE $100 gift when you TRANSFER FOUR (4) Rx.

Basha's 3-day sale
thru Tuesday
(back of Sports Section)

Spiral Cut Ham - 97c/lb. Limit 1.
  • Even if you're not serving ham, spiral cut is easily separated and stored in 1-lb packages for lunch meat. Makes GREAT sandwiches.
Whole Beef Tenderloin - $4.97/lb. Limit 1.
  • This is boneless. Excellent price. Have butcher slice into Filet Mignon steaks and roasts
Strawberries, 99c/lb. Limit 4.
  • Make preserves.
Potatoes, 79c/5 lb bag. - cheaper at Fry's.

In-Ad shocker coupons to use with above purchases. $15 minimum purchase required:
  • Dreyers Ice Cream, $1.88, limit 1
  • 18 ct, Extra Large Eggs, $1.29. Limit 1
  • Food Club Butter, 1 lb., $1.29. Limit 1

Albertson's 3-day sale
thru Tuesday
(back of Business Section)

Spiral Cut Ham - $1.17/lb. Bone In.
  • See notes above. Cheaper at Basha's. No limit on quantity, though.
Albertson's Milk, gallon, $1.88. Limit 2.

Betty Crocker Potatoes, $1. Use coupon from TODAY's Smartsource (Eyemasters) - 25c/1. Final FREE
Green Giant Steamers, $1. Use coupon from TODAY's Smartsource (Eyemasters) - 40c/1. Final FREE

Fry's 3-day sale
thru Tuesday
(Wrap Around Front Section)

Spiral Slice Ham, $1.27/lb
Potatoes, 5-lb bag, 58c
Fry's Potato Chips, 11-11.5 oz. $1
Kroger Valu Bread, 88c/loaf
Sockeye Salmon, WILD CAUGHT. Aqua Star, Frozen. $4.97/lb.

  • I'm still eating these from the last time they wet on sale. They are WONDERFUL, nicely packaged, vacuum-sealed. Beautiful fish. Do not miss this.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Remember the Maruchan Ramen Lunch Cups I told you to buy a month ago?

I take it back. Don't buy it. My son made some for a midnight snack, dropped it on the carpet, tried to shampoo it out and called me into his room.

"This stuff will kill you, Mom," he says and points to the carpet where a bright yellow patch remained. "It won't come out."

Just imagine what it's doing to our insides.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break - Am away

We're in a place with a kitchen. We brought some non-perishables from home - pantry items, but I'm pretty much shopping like the rest of the world...

which means I'm $135 poorer. That's even with using a $10 catalina from the Safeway Frozen Food Promo.