Sunday, March 28, 2010

3-Day ads, just in time for Easter

Sunday, March 28, 2010

3 coupon inserts today

SmartSourceEyemasters: (3/28)

SmartSourceSouper!Salad!: (3/28)

RedplumJC Penney Optical: (3/28)

Other Coupons You Shouldn't Miss:

Kmart: FREE $10 gift card with NEW Rx.

Kmart: FREE $100 gift when you TRANSFER FOUR (4) Rx.

Basha's 3-day sale
thru Tuesday
(back of Sports Section)

Spiral Cut Ham - 97c/lb. Limit 1.
  • Even if you're not serving ham, spiral cut is easily separated and stored in 1-lb packages for lunch meat. Makes GREAT sandwiches.
Whole Beef Tenderloin - $4.97/lb. Limit 1.
  • This is boneless. Excellent price. Have butcher slice into Filet Mignon steaks and roasts
Strawberries, 99c/lb. Limit 4.
  • Make preserves.
Potatoes, 79c/5 lb bag. - cheaper at Fry's.

In-Ad shocker coupons to use with above purchases. $15 minimum purchase required:
  • Dreyers Ice Cream, $1.88, limit 1
  • 18 ct, Extra Large Eggs, $1.29. Limit 1
  • Food Club Butter, 1 lb., $1.29. Limit 1

Albertson's 3-day sale
thru Tuesday
(back of Business Section)

Spiral Cut Ham - $1.17/lb. Bone In.
  • See notes above. Cheaper at Basha's. No limit on quantity, though.
Albertson's Milk, gallon, $1.88. Limit 2.

Betty Crocker Potatoes, $1. Use coupon from TODAY's Smartsource (Eyemasters) - 25c/1. Final FREE
Green Giant Steamers, $1. Use coupon from TODAY's Smartsource (Eyemasters) - 40c/1. Final FREE

Fry's 3-day sale
thru Tuesday
(Wrap Around Front Section)

Spiral Slice Ham, $1.27/lb
Potatoes, 5-lb bag, 58c
Fry's Potato Chips, 11-11.5 oz. $1
Kroger Valu Bread, 88c/loaf
Sockeye Salmon, WILD CAUGHT. Aqua Star, Frozen. $4.97/lb.

  • I'm still eating these from the last time they wet on sale. They are WONDERFUL, nicely packaged, vacuum-sealed. Beautiful fish. Do not miss this.

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  1. Mindy! We miss you! What's going on, are you and your family alright?