Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Not actually a stockpile post...

I'm in Kansas hanging out with a chick named Dorothy and her annoying little doggie - TuTu or Toe-Toe or Ta-Ta or something like that. Aside from all the yip-yapping going on, having a really nice time. Kansas is a really pretty state. Today I ate the best pastry I have ever eaten. It was a peach turnover made by a lady named Rose of Rose's Pastries and purchased at a place called Yoder Meats in beautiful downtown Yoder, KS.

If you ever get to Kansas check this place out. It's a central site for the surrounding Amish community to sell some of their wares. I picked up some sausage, some cheese and some dried beef (not beef jerky, dried beef, it's different) and those wonderful turnovers - not overly sweet, full of the luscious peaches, light crust...

I've decided something.

I'm going to learn to make a good turnover because life is too short to waste on bad pastry.

Considering I'm on a diet that supposed to avoid bread, this should be interesting.

P.S. - In keeping with my previous post about eating out of grocery stores when on a road trip - we ate the meats and cheeses for lunch and dinner. And the pastry for dessert. Sort of. The pastry was mostly gone by the time dessert rolled around.

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