Thursday, April 12, 2012

WinCo - Salad Days

I again power-walked my Atkins-committed self through WinCo, today. Regular readers of this blog know that the harder I'm dieting, the more time I spend in groceries staring at food. Today, at WinCo, however, I got to do more than stare. I got to eat.

Um, after I got home and brought in the groceries.

It was the salad display, the one I mentioned yesterday. The one in the deli section right next to a mouth-watering array of enormous Take and Bake pizzas ($6.98 ea).

An aside, WinCo also has a pile of Take and Pizza Deep-Dish Pizza shells for $1.98, a steal for those days you have a refrigerator full of pizza type toppings, but you're just not into kneading the dough or letting it rest. 

Shred whatever cheese you have lying around, top with whatever leftover veggies and bits of chicken or hamburger lurking in your fridge, then pour a can of Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce over it (78c/can at the moment, a full 10c lower than the 88c/can I snagged at Fry's on their last Senior Discount Day.
(And it's my HUSBAND who's the senior, not me, thankyouverymuch. I like to think of myself as his much younger, much more unwrinkled, and still somewhat sort of nubile, um...trophy wife).
The advantage of buying the sauce at WinCo, aside from the 10c/can savings? You don't have to fight grandma for the Garlic and Onion variety.

I digress.

Heat for 15 minutes or so at 350 degrees.

Back to the salads. I found out that next to the $3.48 Cobb and Chef Salads, there are $2.98 Seafood or Crispy Chicken Salads, $2.48, Chicken Ceaser or Spinach Salads, $1.98 Garden Salads. It's an explosion of antioxidant-packed eating, about 7 oz net weight each and you don't even have to make it yourself.

I bought a Family Sized House Salad chock full off Chef/Cobb goodies over romaine (25 oz total) for $5.98. I checked at the deli counter before making my final decision to check their 'Nutrition Facts' book. There are 3 servings in the container, 320 calories/servings, 3 net carbs per serving.

Oh will you listen to me? I sound like those Atkins people who make me crazy nattering on about net carbs and sugar alcohols. Next thing you know I'll be picketing Domino, and hiding Slim Jims in my bra.

Bear with me, only another mumble...mumble pounds to goal weight.

BTW, the salad is SCRUMPTIOUS.

Other deals of note, today:

 In Wall of Values:

Cheese Nips, 88c, 8 oz box
Pepsodent or Aims toothpate, 6 oz tube, 68c
Can of Tuna 58c each


Gala Apples 48c/lb
Hy-Top OJ Concentrate (Frozen) $1.08 - makes 48 ounces. Great price! Now that it's warming up, I want to try it in frozen smoothies.
Hy-Top milk, 1 gallon, $1.57

Yesterday's super-duper cheap Bell Peppers are up to 68c/ea. That's still a really good deal for peppers, but goes to show how quickly the prices can change.

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