Monday, April 9, 2012

Winco - The new store in town

Winco debuted in the Valley of the Sun with two stores, one in Phoenix at 7th Ave and Bell Road and another in Glendale at 59th Ave and Bell Road. I've been to shop there twice and cannot tell you how happy Winco has made my kids. That's because they have bulk candy for cheap, cheap, cheap. Today I picked up Easter candies for 68c/lb - mostly gummies and malted eggs. They had that cheap Easter chocolate young kids seem willing to eat for 25c/lb, but my teens are past that stage. I also picked up some nuts for them and cranberry almond granola ($1.58/lb in bulk foods).

The bulk food section has to be seen to be believed. For the Preparedness-Minded among you, there's a good selection of buckets and lids and plenty of bulk basics like wheat and barley and such, but also dried fruits, cereals, and all that yummy stuff that will make the End of the World a little less bleak. The prices on items such as bulk Raisin Bran ($1.58/lb) and frosted Mini-Wheats ($1.31/lb) are much better than buying it in a box. Same for so many items. You just have to give yourself time to browse and absorb. I picked up baking soda in bulk at 50c/lb.

By far, the best score was twin-paks of Foster Farms Chickens for $3.00/bag. That's three bucks for two great big chickens. I even called my dear friend Tracy over at The Coupon Girl to see if she wanted me to pick up some for her. I got 4 packs total, that's 8 big chickens for $12. What little room I had in my freezer is now packed again. I also picked up a ham, butt portion, for 78c/lb. I've been following Atkins and decided the ham would be a healthier option than bacon with the morning eggs.

An aside: I'm not a big meat-eater, much preferring a world of green smoothies and beans, but I've been loading up on the processed white flour/sugar laden kind of goodies and I either have to lose weight, or ask the Post Office to assign my hips their own zip code! So Atkins, it is.

I also bought a big box of single Yoplait yogurt, 8-6 ounce for $2.98 and two 32 ounce tubs of Lucerne for $1.98 each for my yogurt-loving son, 30#Good Mews Cat litter for $5.94. Yellow bell peppers at 48c/ea and bananas for 28c/lb and a loaf of really good-looking multi-grain bread for 98c.

Sigh. Wish I could eat the bread.

Keep an eye for the green 'Extra Savings' stickers throughout the store. I spent $51 total at the store today and had a cart full of stuff.

Now I'm off to google easy strawberry jam recipes because I picked up sixteen pints of beautiful berries for 48c/pt. I'm treating the family (not me, unfortunately...) to homemade strawberry ice cream tonight. Incredibly easy in my Blendtec blender - frozen fruit + milk and cream + sugar = Happy Family.


  1. You were able to get 4 packs of chickens in one purchase? When we went we had 3 packs (6 chickens) in one purchase and they said we could only purchse 2 packs it wouldnt let them ring up the third one. Weird!!??

  2. I was there when they were first putting out the chickens. They'd just finished repricing them. I was kind of surprised there wasn't a limit. When I put them in my cart, the sign still said 'Foster Farms Chicken, 68c/lb'. I wouldn't have even noticed the pricing but for the lady in the meat department pointing them out to me.