Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pro's Ranch Market - Location matters

I was waxing enthusiastic about Ranch Market the other day and the person I was talking to mentioned she'd been there and didn't think the produce was very nice.

Excuse me? We eat their produce by the barrel.

Turned out the lady went to the Indian School Road location. I stopped in there a few days after our conversation and I didn't think the produce there was very nice either. Nothing like how nice it is at the Glendale and 35th Avenue store, especially on Wednesday, Produce Day.

So if you go to Pro's Ranch Market and you don't like the store, try another location. Glendale and 35th Ave is the newest store in the area and it has a varied customer base. That means it has a larger variety of products, such as a section for Indian foods.

I'm away this week, but wanted to pop on  to mention that Pro's Ranch has Fresh Pork Shoulder Picnic Roast on sale for 75c/lb at it's Glendale Ave location. If I had space in my freezer, I'd stock up. Pro's Ranch has beautiful pork with a lovely taste. These roasts are wonderful for pulled pork. I still have some in my freezer from when there were 98c/lb. The current price is not one I expect to see repeated. Now is the time to fill your freezer.

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