Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winco - better than chocolate

...which the store at 7th and Bell in Phoenix sells for $3.06/lb, by the way. Great big chunks of broken up chocolate, milk and dark. I wish I could eat it.

I hate dieting. I hate being fat more.

So I took my friend, Tracy from The Coupon Girl on a tour of Winco last night. Those chickens I mentioned yesterday were GONE. Of course they were gone. I'll bet some smart gal with an empty freezer loaded her cart and RAN. If I had any room in my freezer, that's what I'd have done.

Also, Red and Yellow Bell peppers were 28c/ea. Potatoes were still 98c/10 lbs. Tracy is a fan of Campbell's Chunky Soup (chicken noodle). She's an expert on its pricing everywhere in the valley and has been bemoaning that it was always about $1.89 at her Fry's, and since Fry's 'lowered' their prices, it is now $2.04. So how happy was Tracy to find her beloved Campbell's Chunky Soup for $1.48/can?

Pretty darned happy.

Prices change often at Winco. Apparently, they have a cadre of price-checkers that constantly monitor pricing at other stores and fine-tune Winco pricing when needed. What that means is that this morning when I stopped into Winco to pick up some Febreze (no, I'm not obsessed with Winco, I really needed that Febreze!) I noticed the White Rain Shampoo and Conditioner which had been 65c since the opening was now 88c, and a price that changed since last night. Still a good deal, just a little less of a good deal.

I am thinking of incorporating Winco into my exercise routine while I figure out the best way to shop this store. I'm thinking I'll pop in early mornings and get my walking in while I notice the prices and their products. Also, if another screaming deal like those chickens pop up, I'm in good position to take advantage and call all my friends about it. :) I will share my insights.

Winco Walking, like regular walking, only more interesting.

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