Friday, January 15, 2010

Peanut Butter

The Kroger brand is $1 for an 18 ounce jar (EDITED TO ADD: AT FRY'S!!! sheesh). I just bought 20 jars, about a year's supply for our family. Sometimes, with coupons, peanut butter is cheaper, but that's rare, like last week and I hadn't seen it cheap with or without coupons for quite a while before that. Think of all those cheap lunches for the kids...And PB and J on homemade whole wheat bread (see several posts ago) is a pretty healthy lunch.

Orange Juice is 88c/half gallon at Fry's (so long as you are there).

Basha's has value packs of chuck steak (bone-in) for $1.27/lb. We had this the other night for dinner. It was good. My son made it. He tenderizes with lemon juice first. Makes all the difference. Otherwise, I've been picking up toilet paper from Marcal, 1 4-pack at a time. It's free with coupons, but you have to already have the coupon to take advantage. If you want lots of free toilet paper, check out CouponSense, put my name in as your instructor (Mindy C*****) and I'll show you how.

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