Saturday, January 2, 2010


Make soup.

Yeah, this is kindergarten stuff. I'm one of those people who'd be better off remembering more of what I learned in kindergarten. Soup is good food. Mmm...mmmm...good.

And all that stuff.

My family are not big eaters. That means lots of leftovers. However, they also don't like leftovers. So I have to disguise 'em.

That's where soup comes in. I tend to pressure or slow cook. That means everytime I cook, I make broth. Chicken, beef, vegetable. It always ends up in a plastic container in the fridge along with whatever onion or garlic and spices I used for seasonings.

Do you know what this stuff is? It's gold. Along with the leftover steamed corn, lima beans, boiled potatoes and that little bit of pasta. Here's how you make homemade soup:

1) Put a big pot on the stove.
2) Pull all the little plastic containers from the fridge - veggie, bits of meat, juices for the meats you made last week.
3) empty them into the pot.
4) heat, stir, serve.

Top with cubes of day old bread. Yum.

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