Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here's what I'm stocking up on this week

The sales have not been as exciting as in months past. To be expected, this stuff goes in cycles. So I look for one item that'd I think is worth buying in bulk. Last week, it was peanut butter. This week, it would have to be the boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Basha's ($1.37/lb) and the 7-bone chuck roasts at Safeway.

(P.S. It's Wednesday and brown onions are 7 lbs/99c at Pro's Ranch Market today only.)

I thought of the onions because I was thinking about the roasts, mostly about the bones in the roasts which can be, well...roasted. For beef stock.

(roast bones in oven with some onions and carrots and celery and whatnot, deglaze pan when finished, put in stockpot and simmer for a really long time.)

Beef Stock and onions sound like soup to me. Sound like French onion soup, and with the stock basically for free and the onions near free and all that cold, rainy weather coming in...

/end free association

If you can't get to Pro's Ranch today and you don't mind braving the rain tomorrow, Food City has onions 5 lbs/99c Thursday only. And Roma tomatoes for 50c/lb. Mmmm...I picked up some Avocados and cilantro at Pros Ranch. Now I'm thinking about arranging it on a plate and topping with a poached egg...

/end second free association

Kroger brand OJ is $1.99/gallon at Fry's this week. Milk is cheapest at Fry's, $1.59/gallon and Albertson's has some generics on sale, check their ad, that are worth a stop-in.

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