Thursday, January 7, 2010

The GINORMOUS shopping trip

Yesterday, I spent $120 at Fry's.

I'll let that sink in a moment.

My kids eyes grew wide to see the total climb and climb. "Gosh, Mom," my daughter said, "I can't remember when you've spent that much."

Neither can I. So I went to the handy dandy savings spreadsheet on the CouponSense website, sorted by out-of-pocket amounts on my list of savings and...

Since joining CouponSense, the most I spent on groceries in a single trip was about $81. On March 31 of last year and again on October 11.

Most of my shopping trips are in the $0 to $40 range. Cool.

Yesterday, I went hog wild, so to speak, on salmon. Fry's has Wild Caught Sockeye for $4.88/lb. I get a senior discount (no, it's not mine, it's the husband's), so I took advantage of an additional 10% savings on everything.

The Sockeye is well worth it. The fillets are boneless, flash frozen (as in, frozen on the boat shortly after being caught) and are shrinkwrapped in about 2 to 2.5 lb packages. I purchased 8 packages or about 19 pounds total. That's good for 8 to 15 meals with plenty of leftovers. We're having some tonight, in a maple/orange/soy glaze. Super easy.

If you're going to eat fish, eat wild-caught. Farm raised is fed corn and doesn't have near the nutrients, nor those healthy Omega-3s as wild. Wild-caught has a lot more flavor, also.

Here's what else I bought at Fry's:

Tuna - 50c/can
Whole peeled Italian style canned tomatoes - 59c/can
Ice Cream, Kroger Deluxe - $1.99 (I'd have bought more, but there just isn't room is any of my freezers...just as well, I suppose) and...

...other stuff.

I need that salmon. My memory is going. Anyway 74 items, including those 8 salmons for $120 total. All good stockpile items.

I also bought 7 4-roll packs of toilet paper for free. Plus tax.

I had a coupon. I have a bunch more of the same coupon. I'm going to buy more today.

Off to google salmon recipes.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post. Would love to read the details about the free 4 packs of toilet paper, if you are willing to share... :-)

  2. As the most recent post reveals, free toilet paper requires coupons to make them free. There was a coupon for $1 off Marcal TP, paper towels or tissues a couple of weeks ago, and there's another coupon from a few weeks before that. I managed to get my hand on a bunch of coupon inserts (long story). Here's the rub - the coupon is limited to one per person, so my kids and I are ducking into every Albertson's we pass, each bearing a coupon and 8 cents (to pay the sales tax).