Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's overwhelmed, buried under a sea of painters and ladders, plastic wrap, tarps and burly guys clunking heavy boots across the floors. Also, it's been an amazing time for couponing, so I've been busy chasing down the deals for my subs and clipping my own coupons.

In a nutshell. If you're buying a lot of groceries, you can get a turkey for free from Basha's. (spend $100, get a free turkey). I never spend that much in one trip. Otherwise, their turkeys are 39c/lb, which is still an awesome price.

Fry's has them for 37c/lb. Albertson's and Safeway are also comparably priced. So is Pros Ranch Market.

Check out the Pros Ranch ad. They're Wednesday special is good again next Wednesday because of the holiday. As are the Thursday meat specials. Most of the stores do not print out a new ad on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I presume because they figure people have so much food in the house and are so preoccupied with the holiday that they won't be out shopping the day after. But here's a tip:

Keep an eye for in-store specials (probably listed in a newspaper ad) at the major grocery stores. Last year I picked up orange juice, bacon, eggs, fruit, a few other staples for super-cheap the few days after Thanksgiving from a store flyer posted at the store.

I just looked at Pros Ranch...they have the HONEYSUCKLE turkey for 37c/lb. It's 79c/lb at most of the other stores, so if you like that brand, Pros Ranch is the place to get it.

Gotta go. I'm hoping my equilibrium returns when the smell of paint departs.


  1. You're so right about getting great deals after the Thanksgiving holiday! I found pasts for $.38/box, chicken breast (boneless, skinless, my favorite!) and ground beef for $1.57/lb., spaghetti sauce for $.88/can... the list goes on. Can you really beat that?!

  2. Nope, very hard to beat. There are times that the pasta is free and sauce looks expensive at 88c because you've been able to find it for a quarter. Best part about it? It's fun. It's a habit that saves money, instead of spends it.