Wednesday, November 4, 2009

El Rancho Market - a stockpiler's haven

I meant to put this up earlier, but I lost my ad. Then I found it. Then I lost it. Then I found it. Lost it. Found it. Lost it. And finally...


found it.

(Oh please great corporate people who run El Rancho Market, take pity on me, your lowly, forgetful novitiate and put up a WEBSITE.)

Until then, I must be satisfied with a single ad, mailed to arrive on Tuesday.

Here goes:

T-bone steak, 3.77/lb, limit 2
Milk is $1.50/gallon
18 ct. Hickman's Large Eggs, $1.50
Betty Crocker Cake Mix - 77c
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta - 99c

(savvy couponers among you know there are coupons out there for the Ronzoni.)

But the real reason, El Rancho Market holds a place in my stockpiling soul this week? Or at least tomorrow, Thursday? The following specials!

Bananas 4/99c
tomatoes 4/99c
Cilantro 5 bunches/99c
Radishes 6 bunches/99c
Red Globe Grapes 69c/lb
Mexican Squash 3 lb/99c
10 lb bags of chicken leg quarters, 39c/lb or $3.90 for the bag

And piloncillo. That stuff I was so happy to get on sale at Pros Ranch a few weeks ago? Only 33c/lb.


Abuelita Chocolate, the 19 oz size is $1.99. Go to the website, here, and register and you can print two coupons worth 75 cents each. That makes the chocolate $1.24. As lovely as Abuelita chocolate is, it's even lovelier at over 1/3 off the sale price.

If you haven't an El Rancho near you, stop in at Food City for their Thursday produce specials:

cukes 20c each
cabbage 25c/lb
FUYU Persimmons!!! - 25c each
Mexican squash - 33c/lb

1 lb bags of carrots are 33c all week.
Brown Onion are 25c/lb all week
Chayote are 25c/lb all week
Wanted to point out that hats, gloves and fleece throws are cheap at Walgreen's this week. They also have a bunch of small appliances on sale for $7.99 each. I own and use a few of them regularly, so I'll attest that you'll get your $7.99 worth and beyond out of them.

And always, ALWAYS check out the clearance bin. You never know what will pop up there. The other day I picked up a ton of storage containers for a few dollars.

Pros Ranch had good deals this week, just not good enough for me to drive the distance. Be sure to check out the ad. Also, Fry's Mega-Event, even if you don't coupon, has some great prices. Of course, if you couponed, you might have done like I did today and walked out of the store with two carts full of food for under $60.

You know the drill. Sign up for CouponSense, use my referral number, choose Mindy C****** from the instructor list and you too can hold up a line of disbelieving shoppers while they watch your total drop, drop, drop.

Fry's is taking competitor coupons this week.

I'll be back.

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