Thursday, November 12, 2009

The lowdown on produce

Winter is coming and prices aren't as awesome as they were when the harvest first came in a month or so ago. That doesn't mean that prices aren't still pretty awesome. El Rancho Market's produce specials run Wednesday and Thursday. So you can still take advantage today.

This week they have fresh broccoli 33c/lb, Fuji apples 2 lbs/99c, roma tomatoes 33c/lb, potatoes - 10 lb bag for 89c.

All week, they're offering cabbage 20c/lb and cantaloupe 20c/lb.

Food City has bananas 33c/lb, cilantro and green onions 25c/bunch and mangos 33c each. As mentioned on Monday's post - chayote squashes are 20c today.

El Rancho Market wins the chicken wars this week with bonless, skinless chicken breast for $1.39/lb. Next up is Fry's at $1.57/lb. Both are good prices and worth the stockup.

Fresh and Easy has Jennie-Os basted frozen turkeys for 37c/lb. Safeway has boneless round for $1.47/lb. Cube it and slow-cook it for stew. Also, it's a good bet for grinding into hamburger.

Fry's has Kroger sugar 97c/4 lbs. I doubt it's going to get any cheaper without a coupon, so now is the time to stock up for the year. It's limit 4.

Gotta go. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to post later!

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