Monday, November 9, 2009

The problem with frozen produce is...

...I never seem to get to it because there are so many great deals out there on the fresh stuff.

Hello, my name is Mindy.Likes.To.Coupon and I'm a produce junkie.

Food City has chayote squash 5 for $1 on Thursday. That makes my heart go pitter-pat. How many people get happy over squash?

They also have mangos 33c each all week. Good. Been looking for something new to put in my smoothies. And shhhh...(don't tell anybody) I'm going to swing by on Wednesday to pick up fresh crema in the deli for 99c/lb. That stuff is so good, it should be illegal. I should pair it with the bacon-grease laced potatoes I fed my family yesterday. That way I can get all the guilt over at once.

I'm heading to El Rancho Market today to pick up Donald Duck Orange Juice for 99c (limit 1), Value time Paper Towels for 3/$1 (limit6) and Gamesa Marias Cookies, 4.9 oz roll, 5/$1, first 10.

Don't tell anybody about those cookies, either. They aren't for me. They're for the kids. They like to dunk them in their milk. I figure the milk balances out the empty calories from those delectable dunkable cookies.

I'm also going to get the Abuelita Chocolate tabs I told you about a few posts ago. And something called Klass Atole (4/$1). I bought a few of them last week and my family loved it. It's kind of like blancmange and you sweeten to taste, instead of that oversugared pudding you get in the box. It's great with cooked fruit.

No extra gas will be used in my pursuit of these items. It's on my way. Pretty much. And I drive a Prius, okay?

I know I'm flagged from shopping, but my family makes exceptions for cookies. And pudding.

Oh - and what's cooking at the Stockpile Lady's kitchen?

LEFTOVERS! My son made us pasta last night topped with the tomato sauce I made a week or so ago. The pasta was free with coupons and the tomatoes very cheap at Pros Ranch market. The parmesan cheese wedge that we grated fresh was not cheap, but hey! when coupons make everything else free, why not go for a little luxury?

Speaking of coupons...CouponSense is running a great promo right now. Sign up for a $4 trial month, subscribe to the Arizona Republic through CouponSense (we have great rates and several options for subscriptions) and be refunded for your trial month! So you get to see CouponSense in action for free, get the paper to read, as well as have your weekly coupons delivered right to your door, and get ME, Mindy Likes to Coupon as your very own instructor.

Kinda makes you tingly just thinking about it, huh?

Email me at at gmail dot com for details and to get signed up. C'mon, you definitely want to get signed up. Yesterday, I purchased frozen vegetables, tissues and fresh pineapples for free.

You heard me. Free.

Well, 6c. I had to pay tax on the tissues.

It was a $10 savings off the already low sale prices. That alone pays for a trial month and then some. And you know, $10 today, $30 tomorrow, $40 the next day, pretty soon, you're talking about a college fund.

And if you're already a subscriber and YOU DO NOT HAVE AN INSTRUCTOR, email me. You can also take advantage of this offer. What a deal!

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  1. I joined Coupon Sense on November 26. In less than a week (and after only spending $55 on a WEEK'S WORTH OF GROCERIES), I've already saved enough to cover my trial month and a month's subscription to the Arizona Republic. Oh, and I get three newspapers delivered to my door on Sunday morning. The savings are real, folks!