Friday, December 4, 2009

New York, New York! It's a Heckuva Steak!

Gotta keep things family friendly, more or less, around here. :)

Basha's has New York Strip Steak, bone-in (by definition), for $2.99/lb sold whole. They are about 10 lbs each. I purchased one today for just over $30. The butcher at Basha's cut them into 1 inch steaks, cleaned and trimmed them for me. This is a complimentary service at Basha's and well worth it, considering that the already cut-up and packaged New York Strips sitting right next to the whole ones are $3.99/lb.

I'm happy when I can get New York strips for $4.99/lb, so don't miss out on this. I've had them from Basha's before an they're delicious. Add homemade garlic-mashed potatoes and a bag salad for an easy, special homemade meal.

Packages are limit 1, but I won't tell, if you stop back again for a second one. You know I'll be doing so.

EDITED TO ADD (In case you go today...):

Friday's are Donut Days at Basha's. Buy a dozen for $5.99 get 6 more free.

Just sayin'

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