Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Addendum to Stockpile Post

Some of the Food City stores have got some screaming sales going. The Food City at 32nd St and Greenway in North Phoenix has 10 pound bags of chicken leg quarters for $2.90 total, or 29c/lb. You're limited to 2 bags or 20 pounds. Chicken will never go lower than that. The same store has the 10-lb bag of russets for 99c and 3 lb bags of golden delicious applees for 99c.

$8 for 33 pounds of food. That's a really good deal.

Here's what I plan to do - remove the skin from the chicken legs and boil them in a great big pot of water with onion, carrot and celery (all on sale this week also). I'll simmer until the meat falls from the bones.

I have to eat dinner with the family. I'll talk more about what to do in my next post.

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