Monday, June 15, 2009

In the land of ice, bear and expensive produce

otherwise known as ALASKA! So no stockpile post until next week.


Produce costs a fortune here. I mean a fortune. I mean like 90 cents for a single BANANA. It's not too bad in the cities, like Anchorage and Wasilla (Hi Sarah!!!) although way higher than what we enjoy in Phoenix. Once you get to the boonies which is pretty much anywhere else - YIKES.

So my recommendation is to buy lots of wonderful, healthy, good-for-you and good-tasting produce this week and next week. Eat it up, freeze it up and store it up against the day that you visit a beautiful, wild, untamed and breathtaking state like Alaska and can't get any without mortgaging the children and the family silver.

Be back in a week!

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