Monday, September 14, 2009

Mmmm...good eating on a budget and a giveaway!

Calling all stockpilers! Head over to my friend, Jeri's blog (Budget Menu, link in sidebar or right here) and check out her ideas and menus for the week. She has a recipe for celery bread pudding/stuffing that actually had me salivating just to read it. That's a good thing because celery is only 50c a bunch at Sunflower Market this week. Jeri's pairing it with pork.

Also, it's the last day for her Fry's gift certificate giveaway, so get on over and put a comment on the post she references.

Also, for anybody looking ahead, I've been checking out the Food City ad. Food City runs their ads from Monday to Sunday. On Wednesdays, they have extra terrific prices on meat/cheese/fish items and on Thursdays, you'll find really great deals on selected produce.

This week, on Wednesday, they have boneless chicken leg meat for $1.29/lb and crema for 99c/lb. On Thursday, white onions are 20c/lb, pears are 33c/lb and peaches are 50c/lb.

Additionally, Fud brand Queso Fresco is 99c for 9 ounces and 7 oz bags of Pagasa Pasta is only 17c/bag.

Now I like whole wheat pasta, but do see uses for regular pasta, like making homemade chicken helper you can freeze for a cook-ahead meal. I'll be back on Wednesday with a recipe for it. I want to try it out first, but I'm thinking 2 lbs chicken meat, queso fresco, onion, garlic chopped up, maybe some coriander, put in a freezer bag and frozen. When ready to cook, defrost ahead of time, put in skillet, cook a minute just to give the chicken a little bit of go ahead, then add 2 cups of water plus the noodles and cook for 12 to 15 minutes. A little cornstarch should help to thicken things up. Add more water if the noodles aren't cooking quite right.

Gotta go. Also, the chayote squash are 3 lbs for $1 at Food City this week. I love that stuff.


  1. Mindy--you are too good to me. So tell me how to prepare and what you would do with chayote. I have never been brave enough to buy one.

  2. Wish I could tell you that I'm a chayote expert, but I only discovered the stuff a few weeks ago when it was 4 lbs for $1 at Food City. I cooked it in a crockpot with a whole chicken. Another night I steamed it lightly and salted it. I also had a little bit raw with salt. It's like cucumber. It has a very delicate flavor.

  3. Years ago on food network shows seemed like chayote was an ingredient that they used a lot. It must cook up fast because I see it on shows a lot where they have a timed cooking competition. It also must be native to Mexico, Central and So. America b/c I see it mostly advertised in markets that carry latino ingredients. I will get brave one of these days.

  4. Sorry, I'm monopolizing your comment section today. Am I counting you as a contestant for the Fry's card? I know that you said not to but I think that I should. What do you say?

  5. Naw...I'm good. I spend so little on groceries, better to give somebody else a chance.

    And monopolize away. It's not like I have hordes of people commenting!!

    For 33c for a single chayote (I think that's about what it works out to) give it a go. Took me forever to try jicama and now I really like it in salads. Chayote is like that.

  6. You have a lot of people checking in each week though. I've looked on a lot of blogs lately and your blog info is on every one of their side bars. You go girl. I kind of stepped into your territory today on a ramble on and on about something. Hope you don't mind. Have a good day.

  7. I read the post. Very wise. And no territory, believe me. We both provide tools and ideas and have some fun while doing it. Thanks for the kind words on the linking! I had no idea!

    I should clean up my grammar!